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Address:Heping Industrial Park,Changxing
Tel:0086-572-6959888 / 0086-18757261939

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Quality Policy

Zhejiang Zhe Kuang Heavy Industries efforts to bring world class quality to customers, centering on the supply of high quality products and customer satisfaction. As we move forward:

We keep on listening our customers until we understand their requirements fully.

Our corporate commitment is to strictly adhere to professional standard and integrity and not compromise with quality in any situation.

We aim to be the most innovative and dedicated team of professionals in the industry. We are willing and able to improve ourselves continuously.

Equipped with the most modern industrial technology and a total dedication of our company, we deliver the highest standard of services to satisfy our clients.

Zhejiang Zhe Kuang Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd. at all levels of our organization committed to achieve and maintain leadership in the field of manufacturing supply & service of mining machinery equipments to our customers and to maintain high product quality at affordable price by using advanced technologies & Professionals having good knowledge and experience.

Quality and customer focus is of utmost importance, Satisfaction through excellence in:   We continue to meet the stringent requirements of global standards by a team of qualified engineers and professionals.

Installation and Commissiong
Zhejiang Zhe Kuang Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd. is acquainted with the installation and commissioning of thousands of crushers, feeders, vibrating screens, sand washing machines and complete production lines for mines in it’s nearly 2 decades long experience. The entire process of installation and commissioning involves the preparation of engineering drawings and basic installation conditions, ensuring availability of the right materials at the right quantity at the right time, ancillary materials, and arrangement of all equipments as per the customers’ requirements. The ultimate focus on this job is to ensure that safety of theses equipments, efficient operation, and maximum care for the installation and the environment. The commissioning of the equipments has specific and stringent procedures to avoid premature or wrong operations. It includes the checking of all connections and settings of equipments and ancillaries, test run, and finally official operation. Zhejiang ZheKuang has highly expert engineers who are designated only to perform the commissioning jobs. They have received intensive trainings and are of highly experienced to demonstrate perfections in their jobs.

Our teams of service engineers and technicians are highly experienced and have received extensive training to ensure that our customers are in good hands. Soon after delivery of the mining machinery equipments to the site, our well-equipped installation team comprising of service engineers and technicians takes over.

Installation work is usually completed within 3-7 days depending on the size/complexity of the project.

After Sales Service/Service and Maintenance
The business approach of Zhejiang Zhe Kuang Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd. is dynamism and flexibility. Each member of Zhejiang Zhe Kuang Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd. is well aware that the customer is our number one priority and that customer satisfaction is the main business objective .We are looking forward to the opportunity to serve your needs…we are interested in building cooperation relationships.

Within one year warranty period, we provide free spare parts exchange except wear parts .Service beyond this period is provided at a nominal fee. Our service is available 24/7 to response to any emergencies and responses to normal calls are kept within 7:30-17:30 from Monday to Saturday.

We offer maintenance and repairing services of all types of cone crushers, jaw crushers, impactors, feeders, vibrating screens, sand making machines, sand washing machines and complete production lines

We also offer yearly or extended maintenance contracts to ensure equipment is running at its optimal condition and to safeguard the life of the equipment. Service and maintenance contracts may include schedule maintenance, unscheduled maintenance, health-check and troubleshooting. During the contracted period, our personnel will visit customer’s facility as per the agreed schedule and provide service and maintenance.

We have a dedicated customer service department to respond to the following:
◇Product information
◇After sales service
◇Commercial support
◇Logistics support
◇Technical support
◇Complaints and feedback
Please feel free to contact customer service at:
Legendary after-sales service is an integral part of its philosophy of customer service. It is A BORN COMMITMENT, A SENSE OF BRAND LOYALTY, NOT AN OBLIGATION. This includes pre-sales Engineering service and also an instant after sales service to keep our customers thoroughly satisfied.

Interested in diversifying your product range and growing your bottom line?
Zhejiang Zhe Kuang Heavy Industries is growing its worldwide distribution network. This is an exciting opportunity to diversify your product range, maximize on opportunities with your current customer base and develop your support services, with one of the leading mining machinery manufacturers in China

Partnering with Zhejiang Zhe Kuang Heavy Industries provides your business with the opportunity to supply quality mining machinery equipments, backed up by one of the China's largest manufacturing companies.

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Contact Us

ADD:Heping Industrial Park,Changxing County,Zhejiang Province,China


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